Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beaten by nine-year-olds!

Jane and I go to a show at a nearby riding club, aiming to do the 2ft 3ins and 2ft 6ins show jumping classes. That might sound titchy to all you affiliated bods, but it’s big enough for us!

Loading, fine. Arrive in plenty of time. Stayed calm during the warm-up. Just one fence down in the first class – hooray!

Last time Harry and I jumped here he behaved like a loony - piaffing in the warm-up, alternately trotting or galloping in the ring - so this is a great improvement.

Jane and Red do a lovely clear, with a couple of cheeky bucks, but there are so many kids with fantastic jumping ponies in the class that she's not placed.

The bigger class actually looks pretty daunting to me: not only are the fences higher, they're wider, too! But we have a go, and have two jumps down. I'm pleased, as Harry stays calm and rhythmical all the way around, and seems to enjoy himself. We just need more practice. Jane and Red do another lovely clear again, but again are unplaced.

So, yes. We've beaten by nine-year-olds again!

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  1. *sigh* I have one of those 9 year olds...they still bounce when they fall off and so have no fear. Mine has a pony many adults would be terrified of, he falls of her for a pass time but when I suggested trading her in for a quieter model she would have none of it...trouble is you don;t bounce so well as you get older ;)