Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The bottom line

Most horses I know, if they get injured, it’s in a vaguely glamorous, sporty way. Harry so far has had two injuries: one to his willy, one to his bum, and both were self-inflicted.

He’s a really itchy cob, especially when he’s moulting. The vet reckoned he managed to actually get a hoof inside his sheath to cause the first injury, which turned out to be a minor scratch, but we were both impressed by his dexterity.

The second injury must have been caused by scratching his backside too hard. He has a powerful, agile bottom, and has been known to open gates with it – our website Editor Kelly says he has ‘opposable bums!’

So Ali and I have had the pleasant task of cleaning and applying soothing gel to Harry sore spot, which he really doesn’t like at all. Let’s hope his nappy rash clears up soon!

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